Leo Drop

by Nonfinite

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"Leo Drop" was created on a rainy Sunday night in Madison, Wisconsin. This 100% improvised set holds the energy of a lone traveler reflecting on an iconic, whirlwind weekend. He beckons you, the listener, to let the animal out. Be predatorial. Take your lioness. ROAR.


released February 12, 2013

We're working on getting this set up on Datathrash, but they're booked for a bit so it might be a month or so. Future sets will be coming much more frequently from here on in. ^_^


Shout Outs:

My Leo Brother-In-Arms out in Seattle, Tanner. Listen, man: there are girlfriends to be had everywhere. The world is full of potential romantic relationships...but there are only, like, FIVE of us actual pros, motherfucker. You have a talent. You are one of the best in the WORLD at something. Build on that. Put that first, and if she's right for you, she'll follow you on that path. Walrusaur.

Finally... this album was written for the girl that couldn't keep up. Until potential energy turns kinetic, it is wasted.


Credit for mastering goes to dsv101 and egr, each whom submitted awesome mixdowns of the set on hella short notice. Thank you! I'll probably end up taking the best of both of them and mixing down further before we release in a few weeks.

Credit for the [temporary] album art goes to Olive White Photography:



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Nonfinite Madison, Wisconsin

An eclectic electronic artist from the midwest that enjoys the repurposing of old technology for new means.


  • Sep 29
    Evansville, IN

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Track Name: Leo Drop (dsv101 mix)
boom tiss crash BZZZZT
Track Name: Leo Drop (egr mix)
crackle crunch, hiss bang crash WHOOSH thud